How to Properly Maintain Engineered Wood Floorings?

One of the ways to boost your home value while providing a classic look at the same time would be to install and hardwood flooring. But, do you know how to maintain your hardwood floors and make them look as if they are new even after 20 years? If not, then read on this article and know the following maintenance tips to use so that you can enjoy and use your engineered wood flooring and hardwood flooring even after several years to come.

Refrain from using wax-based cleaners 

The kind of maintenance that your floor requires will be based on what the finish of the hardwood floor was utilized. Basically, we recommend that you should never utilize strong detergents, steel wool, and wax-based cleaners. If you use the inappropriate cleaning products, then it can possibly dull your hardwood flooring’s surface as it traps dirt at the same time. If in doubt, hire the best professional cleaners in Fairfax.  

Do not walk in high heels 

Spiked shoes and high heels possibly damage your hardwood floors or engineered wood’s surface layer. The simplest way to prevent this to happen would be to take off your high heels right after you reach your home. Trust us, your feet and your hardwood floors will thank you for it.  

Put floor rugs on your front door 

Pebbles, sand, and dirt all have the damaging quality that can eventually cause your hardwood flooring’s shine and finish to wear away. Because most of the dirt is tracked in through your front doors, it’s only reasonable to put some floor rugs in the entryway.  

Clean spills right away 

Regardless of your cautious you are, there will come a time when someone will accidentally spill on your hardwood flooring. In this case, make sure to clean it as soon as possible by just blotting the spill. When you let any liquid stuff to sit on your surface for a long time, it can possibly ruin the finish and even absorb into the wood to make a permanent stain.  

Move your furniture from time to time 

When the room gets too much sunlight, then you will need to move your furniture all over your home from time to time so that you can avoid apparent fading. Property owners who keep their things in a similar place for several years already may be shocked by observing the furniture outline on their faded hardwood floors where the sun can’t usually hit. Though it’s just normal for hardwood floorings to fade eventually, you just have to guarantee that it evenly fades by moving your furniture around.  

Sweep or vacuum it every day 

You would be shocked how tiny dirt particles can slowly wear away and deteriorate your hardwood floors finish. Because of this, we suggest that you should sweep your hardwood floors with a broom or vacuum them using a soft floor attachment. If cleaning your hardwood floor every day is too much for you, keep in mind that you and the members of your household track in the dirt every day as well. You can resort to cleaning your floors with a dry microfiber dust mop.