Gender Reveals and Baby Showers Catering Ideas

The best way to have a successful gender reveal or baby shower party is to have a professional catering service. Moreover, once you do not need to worry regarding refreshing, prepping, shopping, or presenting the food, you could enjoy and relax the festivities as much as you want. Though you must base the food menu on your event’s details, such as budget, theme, location, and time, such ideas can aid you to have a smooth and memorable event. Here are the following catering ideas for baby showers and gender reveal parties: 

Provide one-bite finger foods 

You can achieve many helpful goals by providing one- or two-bite fingers. You can remove the need for flatware and plates while it minimizes both the expenses and the number of trash your party can accumulate at the end of the day. 

Moreover, you can provide a different variety for your visitors. As a rule of thumb, you need to at least prepare for 5-6 various foods and approximately 2 every item every visitor you have. This will mean out the food that you’ll be serving since some visitors will eat less and some will eat more. 

Distribute the offerings all over the area 

To have a flowing party, your need to place food platters or food stations all over your place. Your visitors could get items that interest them while they chat nearby or pass by it.  

By distributing the offerings all over your place, you can stop prevent the possible long jam, which usually develops once you only place your food within one area. Moreover, you will deter the secluded plate fillers and you can guarantee that you won’t run out of food during the entire event. 

Make your food offerings different 

The dislikes and likes of your visitors will certainly vary, and in several instances, dietary restrictions must be considered. Guarantee to provide different types of items so that everybody has a lot of eating even when they cannot consume all of them.  

Hire an experienced caterer 

If you hire experienced caterers, perhaps they can deal with almost all kinds of food items that you would want to have on your special day. In most cases, your visitors would love to have high-quality food items, which have not been made unpalatable by the addition of colorants and additives. 

Once you select a professional catering services in Evanston, such as Evanston Caterers, you will get all the assistance you’ll be needing to prepare an hors d’oeuvres, light reception, plan a buffet or any kind of menu that you like. 

If you want to know more about these and some catering options, such as chocolate fountains, chef stations and more for your upcoming gender reveal or baby shower party, contact us today! You can also call us using our local hotline number to reach us or just visit our website for more information about the services that we proudly provide to our clients. Do it now!